Plastic Measure it March

New Years day 2019 saw my family sitting down together and discussing what we all wanted for the year ahead as we do every year. We don't make New Years resolutions as I think this can cause to much anxiety and pressure. I am a bit of a worry wort, so any added pressure sends me into a tail spin. So we just keep it light and simple and discuss what we would like to do more of or less of or things we would like to change and as a family our overwhelming response was to spend more time outside, save money and reduce the amount of waste we produce. The money saving thing was obviously just mine and the hubster's idea. My children like many I'm sure, think that money grows on trees.. anyway I digress. We realised that by reducing the amount we bought and threw away, would not only save us money but would also reduce the amount of waste we were producing. 
There is always a debate in our house who is going to put the rubbish out? who is going to sort the bins out? Know one likes that job, so as an added bonus of reducing the amount of waste we are producing the chore of sorting and putting out the bins is becoming less and less and that in my book is a result in itself.
So where to being? It seemed really daunting at first. We are a busy family of 4 convenience is key for us, so the thought of having to travel to the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker on a daily basis and bake my own bread and milk my own cow (you get the picture) all seemed way to much and totally unfeasible. So I took a step back and decided to make one small change at a time. 
Apart from the obvious use of re-usable bags which I assume most people now do. The first thing we changed as I discussed in my previous blog was to get an old fashioned milkman. No more plastic milk bottles. tick. One changed done.
Then we moved onto straws and re-usable water bottles. The children started refusing straws in pubs and restaurants and I purchased some re-usable bamboo straws that I now keep in my bag for whenever the children decide they do want a straw (I have now added these bamboo straws to the website so you too can get your own) Then next obvious step was re-usable drinks bottles, so I purchased us all a metal re-usable bottle (metal being less likely to break than a glass one, where my children are concerned) and now we take these everywhere we go and never purchase any drink in a plastic bottle. So that's just a few of the first little changes we made as a family. 
But our recycling bin is still very full of single use plastic. So this week I have started to take control of my kitchen, which is where most of the single use plastic is coming from.
So this is my plan....
Currently all our recycling (Tin, Glass, Plastic) all goes into one bin, making it tricky to determine exactly how much plastic and what type we are actually using. So for the whole month of March I have set myself a challenge to keep my plastic recycling separate from other recycling and at the end of each week, I will record and document it by photographing and weighing it, to determine where I can reduce our plastic use further. I am hoping that by seeing exactly where most of our plastic is coming from I can tackle this area and reduce our consumption even further.
So I am off to buy me some new stack-able recycling bins and a set of weighing scales - I do not own any and I must resist the temptation to step on them myself  - but that is a whole other story 
But for now who's joining me in #plasticmeasureitmarch?

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