Running for my mind

I am taking part in the July Samarathon

Firstly, I wanted to say this has nothing and yet everything to do with a low waste lifestyle. Nothing because apart from the re-usable water bottle, I will be using there isn’t anything plastic free involved but on the other hand it is everything because I am going to be running for my mind! Which in turn will help me clear my cluttered brain of stuff that is not needed and focus it on the things that are important to me, like streamlining my life to become less wasteful and to be surround by only things that are important and meaningful to me.

I know that sounds all a bit airy fairy but it’s true, as I have embarked on this low waste lifestyle, I have come to realise that it is not only things and objects that we waste and throw away its also our time and our brain space that is wasted and clogged. We fill our minds with the worry of unimportant ‘stuff’ and this in turn can result in us wasting opportunities and experiences that can bring us joy and satisfaction.

I don’t want to get to deep and soppy but over the years since having my children I have suffered quite badly with bouts of anxiety and stress and at some points have had to take medication to help even this out. But along the way I have discovered that when I run or should I say trot like a one-legged goose (I am not the worlds best runner by any means) my mind is free and clearer and I actually feel so much better, even though I dread setting out on the run every time first of all.

I have been lucky enough to have an amazing support network around me when I have felt at my lowest and been at my most anxious and this with running has seen me through some tough times, but there are so many people out there who are suffering alone, thinking they have no one to turn to. But there is always someone out there to talk to and that is of course The Samaritans.

So when I saw that the lovely Zoe @sandandseagulls was going to take part in the July Samarathon I jumped at the chance of joining her team to run the Samarathon in July alongside her (albeit virtually, we live in different counties) to help raise money for this amazing charity. Not only will it give me the trainer up the bum to get out there and run every day, which I know is not only good for my health but good for my mind but it will also help raise some valuable funds for the Samaritans to continue with their amazing work.

You can help by going to my everyday hero page

And donating as much as you can. You will be sponsoring me to run 26.2 miles (A Marathon) over the month of July. Not all in one go that would actually finish me off but over the course of 31 days in July

In fact I have gone one step further and decided to run 1 mile every day for the whole of June and again for the whole of July.

I have also donated a plastic free starter pack box worth over £75 to @sandandseagulls Instagram raffle that she is doing to raise even more money over on her Instagram page along with lots of other amazing prizes to be won. All you have to do is Sponsor/donate and for every £1 you donate you get an entry into the raffle to win some amazing things. For more details go to her page to check it out.

But before you go please if you can go sponsor me, I would be so grateful not only to help raise money but to spur me on to get up that last hill or break through that last mile or ignore that pesky blister and to help clear my clutter mind.

So here’s to a less wasteful life and a less wasteful mind

Trainers at the ready…. get set… go…..

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  • Yesss lovely!!!! So so proud of you. We’ve got this 💪

    Zoe @sandandseagulls

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