Time to get more organised - Cinema trip

Trying to live a low waste life can seem like really hard work sometimes. I’m just at the beginning of my journey really and I’m finding lots of stumbling blocks and frustrating situations. Sometimes I get cross and frustrated with myself for not being organised enough. And I think that this is the key to living a lower waste life - organisation.

Until recyclables, plastic free and low waste becomes the norm I just need to get more organised.

For example, I took the boys to the cinema recently as a treat in the school holidays. Of course, when we got there, they wanted an ice cream and an overpriced drink! Apart from the fact that I needed to re-mortgage my house to buy said drink and ice cream they both came in plastic! The drink came in a plastic cup with a plastic straw!! (Still using plastic straws!!??) and the ice cream came in a tub with a little plastic spoon.

I was indeed organised enough to have an alternative straw which I always carry in my bag and I always carry my bamboo cutlery wrap, so swapping the straws and spoons were not a problem but if I had thought about it and been more organised before we went, I could have saved myself not only a fortune but a lot of single use plastic.

In hindsight I should have taken my own drinks in re-usable bottles and taken my own bowls/tubs for the ice cream. I may have looked like a bit of a muppet asking for ice cream in my own bowl, but hey I’d rather look silly than add to the mounting waste heap of single use plastic

Anyway, there is no point beating myself up for what I didn’t do but instead I should be proud that I made a couple of little changes already and to remind myself to be more organised in future.

Do you take your own Drinks/Snacks to the cinema?


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