Why I use peshtemals instead of traditional towels

I first started using peshtemals many years ago. I think the first time that I realized a peshtemal was a must have, was when I went backpacking through South East Asia to New Zealand. I knew we needed something light weight and that would pack down small into my backpack, yet something that would be multi functional, durable and quick drying. After looking at lots of different towel options I stumbled across the humble Turkish Towel or Peshtemal as it is traditionally known, and I have never looked back.

Peshtemals are great for backpacking, hiking & camping. Although our peshtemals were large in size they packed down really small, so they took up hardly any room in our bags and because they were so quick drying it meant we weren't trekking around with heavy, soggy, damp smelling towels in our bags.

I have since always used them as my must have holiday/camping/traveling item. They are great to throw around my shoulders or to cover my head when visiting temples and places of worship. I use them as a snuggle blanket or rolled up pillow on long bus or plane journeys. On the beach, not only do they look stylish and dry super quick, they do not collect sand like a traditional terry towel. Because they are flat cotton weave, unlike a traditional terry towel loops, all it takes is a simple shake and no sand viola! This means they can then be used as a sarong or cover up when hitting the beach bars. 

My family and I know take a peshtemal each whenever and where ever we go on holiday. We carry them onto the plane and use them as rolled up pillows to rest our head or snugly blankets to keep us warm and my son even puts his over his head to get some sleep! They are then ready to be used as our beach towels/ sarongs and evening wraps.

My love for Peshtemals doesn't stop there. I use them as my bathroom towels now instead of traditional terry towels. Not only do they look super stylish but they are so absorbent yet really quick drying. Which means (having teenage children) I don't find damp smelly towels everywhere. They fold up so small and flat they take up hardly any room in my linen cupboard. and most importantly they are much more Eco-friendly (and wallet friendly!) To wash and dry them uses a lot less water than washing traditional terry towels and because they are so quick to air dry, there is no need to spark up the tumble dryer. So that is a win win in my book!

I have used peshtemals to wrap up my children when they were small. Put a peshtemal over their buggy's to keep them shielded from the sun. Tied them round me to make and impromptu baby sling I have snuggled and cuddled them in one when they were ill (and still do). I always pop one in my bag when we hit the theme parks and on a family days out. The uses of a simple peshtemal are limitless and I will be happy to tell you all about them in my future blogs. So stay tuned to hear more about the amazing humble Turkish towel and spread the peshtemal love.


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